Our School

We are the Gower Gators

If you value diversity, Gower Elementary is a great place for you and your family. Our student body represents more than 25 countries with multiple ethnic backgrounds, making Gower one of the most diverse schools in the district. We celebrate our diversity by teaching the "Seven Pillars of Character" and developing a culture of kindness and understanding for different skills and talents.

A part of the West Nashville community for more than 54 years, Gower is focused on providing high-quality instruction in a diverse learning environment that develops the whole child. All of our teaching staff are certified instructors, and we currently have more than 23 assistants on staff to help ensure all of our students have a successful school year.

Besides our exemplary teachers and support staff, Gower Elementary is committed to researching and finding what works to educate every student lucky enough to walk through our doors.

Gower is also well-known for its arts program, which includes after-school music and drama programs. And of course, there are the parents. In addition to participating in an active and well-organized PTO, many of our parents volunteer at the school and are on the ready to help our students succeed.

School Hours

8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

School Cluster

Use the online zone map to learn more about our school cluster.

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District 9